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Terms of Service

You must be 18+ at the time of purchase. If you are underage please have your legal parent/guardian contact me about making you a costume. Beware, if you are still young you could grow out of the costume you commissioned! I always advise to wait until you are certain you have stopped growing.

I currently accept commissions for heads, hands, tails, sleeves, and feet. Sorry no body suits at this time.

Do not ask me to re-create another costume or character that belongs to someone else, I will not do it.

Measurements given for commissioned items, i.e. hands tracings, duct tap dummies, written measurements are assumed to be correct and true. I am not responsible for ill fitting parts due to incorrect measurements.

You may request photos of progress of your costume. Keep in mind frequent requests for updates and photos will hinder progress on your commission.

In most cases small changes can be made to costumes as it is being made. If large changes are requested that deviate from the previously agreed upon design, there will be a fee. No changes will be made after the costume is completed.

First come does NOT equal first serve. Requesting a quote does not guarantee your commission acceptance.

A 30% NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required at the time of accepting your commission request. You have 7 days to pay the deposit from the time of of commission acceptance. If you fail to do so within the 7 day period, you will lose your commission slot.

 If you wish to cancel your order, a full refund may be issued if materials have not yet been purchased and work has not yet been started. If work has been started I can refund the amount that has been paid thus far minus the 30% deposit. I reserve the right to alter, finish, and resell the costume that was being made. No refunds after the last payment has been made.

Please make sure you can make your payments on time! I reserve the right to charge a fee for missed payments. If more than three months late WITHOUT payment I will make an attempt to contact you on the service we last contacted each other. If I receive no response within 10 days I assume the commission to be abandoned and the buyer forfeits the costume and payments that have been made thus far as a re-selling fee.

Shipping is not included in quotes or costume price. Shipping varies on location, country, and size of object. All costumes are shipped with insurance and tracking number. I am not responsible for any lost or stolen items, and it is your responsibility to make a claim to USPS.

International Customers- It is the buyer's responsibility to be aware of and assume responsibility of any customs fees or taxes. I have no power over your costume once it arrives in your country.

I accept Credit Card and PayPal.

I do not work according to strict deadlines. The time I give you for completion is an estimation, and your costume may be completed sooner or later. If you have a reasonable deadline, or a convention that you'd like the costume to be completed before, I can try my best to work to that deadline but make no guarantees.

A 30 day warranty is in place at the day your costume is received. This covers maker error and defects in materials. Normal wear and tear is not covered under this warranty. Please be aware that I make these costumes as durable as possible, but rough handling and treatment will diminish the life of your costume. Any unauthorized alteration of the costume voids the warranty.

No real teeth, leather, fur, antlers, horns etc. are used on my costumes.

Anything agreed upon by myself and the buyer in writing including emails, instant messaging services, private messaging services on other websites, and written letters is binding.

Due to the nature of these costumes, they can be hot, impede full range of movement, and distort vision. I am not liable for any bodily harm, including but not limited too, physical injury, heatstroke, or dehydration. Please DO NOT attempt to drive a vehicle, ride a bicycle, etc. while in costume. It is your responsibility to know your limitations when wearing this costume.

Buy requesting a quote and making your 30% deposit to agree to all terms and conditions.


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