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Things to Consider

Read my Terms of Service.

Buy submitting a quote form and making your first payment on a commission, you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of service.


You should have 30% of the cost of your costume ready to be paid at the time of submitting a quote form.

This is a non refundable deposit.


Do you have the ability to pay consistently if we create a payment plan?

If you miss payment due-dates without contacting me you are in danger of being dropped from the commission slot. You will be refunded any amount you paid, NOT INCLUDING THE DEPOSIT, and I reserve the right to alter and resell any work I may have started.


You should have at least 1 good reference photo or reference sheet at the time of submitting a quote form.

I do not like to work from a written description, as I feel that I can do a better job working from an image. If you do not have a reference photo, then you must be as detailed as possible in your written description. I am not liable for not adding details that you did not have in the description.  Extra description in addition to a reference image is fine! If you are a requesting an artistic liberty costume, reference is not needed.


Do you have allergies?

I have a cat. She is not allowed direct contact with any of the materials I use on costumes, but she does share the studio space. If you are very, severely, allergic, consider commissioning another maker. My suits come from a smoke free studio.


Do you have health concerns that might be affected from wearing this type of costume?

Because these suits cover the face, and are made with faux fur they are quite warm to wear. Due to the nature of the mask your vision may be distorted or your peripheral vision may be compromised. If you are new to wearing this type of costume, I highly suggest you start with a partial, because they are less cumbersome, and less warm to wear.


I will be needing a few things from you, upon accepting your commission.

I will need you to send me shoes to build your feet on. I prefer to use shoes because it guarantees correct fit. You should send me NEW comfortable SLIP ON shoes or slippers, and you are 100% sure they fit you comfortably. I will need a hand tracing with a good amount of space left on the paper around all sides of the drawing. For 5 fingered paws stretch fingers out as wide as they will go, for 4 fingered paws, the middle and ring fingers should be kept together, but all other fingers stretched wide apart, and for 3 fingered paws or hooved hands should be traced with middle and index together, and ring and pinky finger together. Both groups of fingers should be spaced wide apart from each other and thumb. Finally I will need duct tape dummies of your arms, and measurements of the width of your back, from shoulder to shoulder, so I know how long to make the strap that attaches the sleeves together.


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